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How to choose the right perfume.

Scents or the way we smell inadvertently communicate a lot about us, much like the clothes and the language that we use. The right perfume can enhance the image we would like to project

The secret to choosing a perfume is that it should be worn like one wears a piece of clothing, to suite the occasion. For daily use one should chose a perfume that subtly enhances ones natural scent and for special occasions one could use a perfume with a strong unique scent that draws attention to the wearer.

Choosing the right scent takes a lot of work and time. Fragrances are divided into family groups and the first step is to choose a certain smell family that appeals to you. The next step would be try it out on yourself and see if it smells nice on you. Some scents may smell nice on others but not on you. This is due to our different skin types, body temperature, diet, weather etc.

The secret to choosing the right scent is to wear the scent over a period of time. It is not wise to judge a scent by smelling the bottle. Many people abandon a scent after their first use as take a dislike to it after a few hours. The secret to choosing a scent is to spray a small amount on your arm and notice how it works with your body throughout the day. It is best the take the help of a spouse or girlfriend, as women are more sensitive to fragrance, and more often than not they will help you make the right choice.



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