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Moving on.

The trade unions in India are on a two day strike and things have more or less slowed down in the country. We know that a strike of this nature can turn ugly at a moment’s notice (it did so in NOIDA) and so I decided to play safe and take two days off from work. This left me with a bit of free time and I decided to play around with my camera.

Off late I have been flirting with the other genres of photography that I am interested in but did not really indulge in for various reasons. I have been influenced by many photographers, mostly I must admit, wildlife photographers - however the other photographer that I am influenced by is David Hamilton. In fact in my collection of photographic works by eminent photographers, his works dominate. I am not sure how many readers of my journal are familiar with David Hamilton, this being a predominantly wildlife blog and all that. Also the fact that he specializes in nudes and this being a rather prudish nation, he and his works are not widely known or discussed. In fact his name has not even come up once in any discussion, forum or blog on photography that I have followed read or been a part of. No one seems to have been influenced by him or at least don’t say so in public. I hope the readers of my blog don’t turn their noses up at me after checking the links below !



Contrary to the prevalent public stereotype of a wildlife photographer / conservationist / naturalist / environmentalist ( not that I claim to be or like to be called any of those but unfortunately I seem to have been labeled as one), I am extremely interested in the world of glamour and fashion and take great effort and pride in my wardrobe etc. I can even say with a lot of confidence that I have an inherent feel for fashion and style, as much or even greater than my feel for wildlife. So don’t be surprised if one day you suddenly see me metamorphose into a glamour photographer. It’s not so sudden, believe me.
Anyway I seem to be rambling. What I wanted to express is that I am now preparing to spend time and effort in learning the art of glamour photography. I need to learn about artificial lighting etc. (I have a confession to make – I don’t know how to use a flash!). And so yesterday I pulled out my camera manual and learned to operate the built in flash of my 7 D. A couple of hours and a few internet tutorials later, I now have a fair idea on how to operate an external flash. I now need to learn lighting techniques for which a practical workshop seems to be the best bet. Can anyone suggest one in Bangalore? I also stumbled upon an advert for a two day photography symposium that is to be held in Bangalore in March.


It has professionals from the world of travel, fashion / glamour and wildlife photography besides editors etc. It is being billed as ‘your red carpet entry into the world of professional photography ‘. Just what the doctor ordered or is it just wishful thinking on my part? Wildlife photography seems to be dominated by people based out of Bangalore and we have, dare I call them the usual suspects? , present at this symposium too. In fact day two is dominated by them. This allows me to kill two or rather three birds with one stone – learn a bit , test the waters and network with old friends.
After these signs from the Gods and a bit of heavy thinking I decided to step out and try something different. My luck being what it is, the first subject that came my way was a Shikra and I decided to warm up with it.



Street photography is the other genre I am interested in and I did spend a weekend trying my hand at it but the streets were more or less deserted yesterday except for one painter working away.


I don’t think it would be out of place to mention that the off late I have come under the influence of Scott Schuman who photographs street fashion. Check out his blog .


Doing that kind of work in India is probably more dangerous than wildlife photography! But it’s on my wish list. In fact my foray into street photography was my way to test the waters in a safer way. Here are the results. I switched to the black and white format after the first few shots, just to be different, not that switching to black and white make the photographs better.






















After sometime I decided to move indoor and spent some time in my study. While doing so I glanced upon my golf trophies which are displayed under a table lamp and so I did a little still life, I guess you can call it that. Golf dominated my life for a long time, especially during my planting days.



In the evening I moved outdoors again and while looking for subjects, I glanced heaven wards for inspiration and saw the moon. I took these shots of the moon and used the Black Kites flying around as an additional element. I hope you like them.




I am seriously contemplating a move, wish me luck.



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